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Quote from Being Nobody Going Nowhere

Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist Path Ayya Khema Wisdom Publications, Boston, 1987. 191 pages. The five aggregates of clinging have as their largest and most noticeable object, the body. Nobody can forget that, and everybody has some sort of problem with it. Not necessarily consistently but now and then. "I can't sit. My knees are hurting. My backs hurting. My tummy is hurting. I'm feeling dizzy. I'm feeling tired." The Buddha said that the unenlightened, untrained disciple has two darts or two arrows that are hurting him and the enlightened, trained disciple has one. The two arrows are mind and body, and the one is the body only. The Buddha also fell ill sometimes, but he continued to teach. It didn't stop him at all. In the end he became very ill, and when he was on the verge of dying he went into the meditative absorptions and thus passed away. Having very bad stomach cramps was no deterrent to him. The enlightened, trained d

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