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Quote from Pathway to Freedom

Pathway to Freedom: Applying the Teachings of the Buddha by Lucinda T. Green, Ph.D. Treelight Productions, Inc., Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2008         208 pages  Equanimity and the Five Hindrances How much of the time do you react in a knee-jerk fashion, devoid of equanimity, to other people - be they children, co-workers, spouses, friends, or strangers? A plethora of mental and emotional states that are far from equanimity can arise in your daily life. The Buddha spoke about five obstructions of mind and heart, which he called “the five hindrances” and challenged us to closely observe, identify, and eradicate them. They are:   1) Greed 2) Anger, hatred, ill will 3) Restlessness, worry, and anxiety 4) Sloth and torpor 5) Skeptical doubt All of these states compromise equanimity. No two things can occupy the same space. Such is true with equanimity and the five hinderances. Evenness of mind and these states cannot coexist simultaneously. Let us explore how each of thes

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