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Collision with the Infinite

Collision with the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self by Suzanne Segal Blue Dove Press, San Diego, California, 1996    177 pages

Losing one’s personal self while boarding a city bus in a foreign country may not be anyone’s preferred choice. It is, however, the choice that chose Suzanne Segal.

Her book reveals a three-part story. The 1st part covers her life as a transcendental meditation practitioner. The 2nd describes the terror of her half-awakened state spanning the ten years from that fateful bus stop event, through years of advanced psychological study and personal therapy, to her discovery in the company of Buddhists that nothing was wrong with her.

The final part unfolds her falling gently into grace, the final layers of opening to and being the vastness that completed the process. The first two parts show a woman trying to do it right, to understand, to get it together, to be affirmed somehow. The final part opens to the gentleness of being and the simplicity of life an…

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