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Quote from The Sound of Cherry Blossoms

The Sound of Cherry Blossoms: Zen Lessons from the Garden on Contemplative Designby Martin Hakubai Mosko & Alex Noden Shambhala Publications, Boulder, Colorado, 2018.      145 pp.


"The garden arises from our creative minds. How do we contact our creative minds? We are absorbed in our habits and conventions, and they fill every moment with thoughts that run in well-worn ruts. We worry about our families, our jobs, our homes. We daydream of great accomplishments that will draw attention to ourselves so that everyone we know will compliment and admire us. We plot out ways to be happier, and we rue the missteps that have brought us misery. With all of this going on, there's not much extra space for a new thought, a new approach to problems.

Yet from those spaces, those gaps in the wall of thought, come creative ideas and different ways of thinking and acting and making things. Without creative thought, our only means …

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