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Review: A Passage from Solitude

A Passage from Solitude: Training the Mind in a Life Embracing the World by B. Allan Wallace Snow Lion Publications, Ithaca, New York, 1992. 148 pp.

An American with years of experience as a monk in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Alan Wallace presents with clarity these valuable teachings on making daily life the path toward liberation. He takes the traditional Seven-Point Mind Training, beginning with the preliminaries and the bodhichittas, showing how to utilize unfavorable circumstances, and finally detailing the pledges and practices of mind training. Each point is explained in such a way that a Westerner can comprehend and implement the intentions of the Tibetan teaching. This is a simple and accessible text that simplifies lay Buddhism and can benefit and inspire anyone with a sincere inclination towards such practice.

— reviewed by Dawn Kurzka

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